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About Us

Our Mission

To provide services to seniors and persons with a disability, which will assist them to remain in their own homes and allow them to maintain their dignity

The Dr. Harold S Trefry Memorial Centre started as pilot project by the Ministry of Health in 1994. A committee was formed to help seniors and persons with a disability age in their rural communities. The centre was opened in June of 1994 and later named in honour of Dr. Harold Scott Trefry, a local doctor who provided services for the rural population on St. Joseph Island, and introduced the first "medicare" plan in Ontario.

Since that time the Trefry Centre has served residents from MacDonald, Meredith, Aberdeen Additional (Echo Bay), Laird Township, Tarbutt Township, Township of St. Joseph, Village of Hilton Beach, Township of Hilton, Jocelyn Township, Johnson Township (Desbarats), Plummer Additional Township (as far as Centre Line Road) with services such as Medical Transportation, Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Out, Congregate Dining, Exercise, Friendly Visiting,  Home Maintenance and more. 

In 2019 our catchment area was expanded to include the Town of Bruce Mines, Town of Thessalon, and part of Huron Shores (as far east as Station Road) to also provide residents in these communities access to some of our services. We report to north east Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) now operating as Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS).  We are funded by Ontario Health, and supported by annual donations from the municipalities in our catchment area.  

Volunteers are the heart of our centre. Volunteers assist staff in providing valuable services and delivering essential programs to our clients. This would not be possible without the huge team of volunteers who support the centre. New volunteers are always welcome!

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Our Senior Services

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the journey for a senior staying in their home starts much before the “desperation stage” when seniors give up on their independence.  Admitting the need for services helps maintain physical and mental health in the journey early on.

The Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre seeks to provide the necessary community services for seniors to remain in their own home such as Meals on Wheels, Transportation, Day Out, Home Maintenance, Friendly Visiting, Congregate Dining and many other special interest services.  The Centre seeks to keep the legacy of its namesake, Dr. Harold S. Trefry alive through affordable and accessible service for all and the almost 100 volunteers and approximately 10,000 volunteer hours provided annually make this mission possible.

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Our Services for Persons With Disabilities

At the Trefry Centre we offer many integrative, independence driven and social services for Adults 18+ with disabilities. Caregivers of persons with disabilities often look for activities, and skill building after their loved one has aged out of the education system.  We are happy to provide programs that build on those independence skills, that encourage healthy socialization and integrate independent living. Our services provide respite for caregivers, and a sense of belonging for our clients to continue on their journey of living independently.  We currently offer Coffee Connections, Exercise, Adult Day Out and DIner's Club.


Volunteering at the Trefry Centre is always encouraged and is a very rewarding experience for those who help us.  Volunteer positions are available in many programs including: Transportation, Adult Day Out, Meals on Wheels, DIner's Club, Friendly Visiting, and more.   For more information on a volunteer position please contact our office  Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm at 705-246-0036.

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