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Home Maintenance Program

If you are 65+ or person with a disability unable to do any one of these home maintenance chores, then this subsidy program could make a big difference in assisting you to remain in your own home, living independently.  

The following services are offered in our Home Maintenance Program.  The services are carried out by businesses and services in your community for a fee.  

Download the Maintenance Program Fee Schedule Below.

Snow Removal / Plow Services

If you are no longer able to remove snow, clean your driveway or walk ways and could you some assitance with snow removal sign up now.

Shovelling Snow


Is housekeeping in your home more difficult now?  If so we have a team ready to help.  Sign up now.

Cleaning the Window

Lawn Care and Gardening

We know that lawn maintenance and garden care can be a task, let our team of experts help.

Lawn Mower
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