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Join Margo and Anne for your weekly exercises this winter.  Gentle movement exercises with plenty of modifications to fit anyone's fitness level and abilities.  If you have questions or need a modification do not hesitate to contact our instructors.    


Monday & Thursday  10 am - 11 am @ Bruce Station

Wednesday 10am-11am @ Trefry Centre 


Bruce Station

Richards Landing

Cost:  Free for clients of the Dr. HS Trefry Memorial Centre

Swim Social 

This program is a weekly field trip to the YMCA in Sault Ste Marie.  Clients will enjoy a gentle swim experience , and be able to use the sauna and hot tubs.  After the swim the group will meet for a light snack provided by the YMCA and be able to socialize.  Then bus transportation back to the drop off locations.

Cost:  $50

Date:  Monday

Pick Up / Drop Off Locations: Please contact the Dr. Trefry Centre for all the details.

Passes Must Be Purchased Before Getting On The Bus.  

Sit Fit 

This class allows the participants to either workout in a chair, on the floor or in a standing position if they choose.  The movement is gentle and perfect for any fitness level. 

Stretching on Yoga Mat

Yoga & Strength 

This gentle stretch program also includes gentle weight training to help keep muscles working, joints happy and an increase in energy.   Coming Soon for Spring 2023!   Sign Up Here For More Information

Senior Physiotherapy  and strength training

Swim & Social 

Join us for a trip to the YMCA and enjoy a gentle swim class, time in the gym and socialize over snacks afterwards.  For more details contact the Dr. Trefry Centre. 

Seniors in a swim fitness class
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