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Morning Coffee on Terrace

Coffee Connections

Our Coffee Connections program is a great low cost way to meet up with others in your community.  Any senior over the age of 60 or person with disabilities, is welcome to attend if they are participants at the Dr. Trefry Centre.   Come for a coffee/tea, socialization, and internet café! We have knowledgeable staff and volunteers who can help you with any technical issues you may have. Fresh muffins are made each Tuesday morning to accompany your hot coffee or tea.  To join in our Coffee Connections program come on by.  

The Coffee Connections program is by donation.  Your donations help us to support and create further programming and activities within our Dr. Trefry Centre community. Thank you so much for those who continue to donate. 

Typing on a laptop
Learning to use smartphone

Internet Cafe

Bring your electronic devices

( Tablet, I Pad, Cell Phone, laptop) and join the cafe to learn how to use them or improve your skills. We have knowledgeable staff and volunteers to help.

Buns with Coffee

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